Nonprofit Organizations

Providing accounting, auditing, tax, and general business consulting services to nonprofit organizations and governmental entities are also a substantial part of our practice. The professional staff of CW Associates, CPAs, is in compliance with the continuing professional education requirements required by Government Auditing Standards. Carleton L. Williams, our founding partner, has been performing compliance audits since 1979, when they were known as Attachment P audits (prior to the Single Audit Act of 1984). Each of our professional staff is trained annually on Yellow Book and OMB A-133 accounting, auditing, reporting, and compliance requirements. Services to our nonprofit clients have included:

Industries - Nonprofit

  • Applications for exempt status
  • Preparation of indirect cost allocation plans
  • Clarification of allowable and unallowable costs for federally funded programs
  • Addressing pension plan termination
  • Post-retirement benefits and other accounting issues
  • Analysis of split-interest agreements and joint activity (fundraising) costs
  • Updates for new IRS reporting requirements